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Warzone Firefight – the biggest expansion for Halo 5 so far – will be released on the 29th of June in 2016. This will be the eight expansion of the fifth installment in the Halo series.

But the good news doesn’t stop there! Microsoft will celebrate the launch by letting fans play the full game for free during June 29th – July 5th as part of a Free Days Promotion. The expansion will be available on Xbox one starting with June 29th.

Furthermore, Halo 5 will be discounted at half the price during the same period for those who want to purchase it.

Tech site GameSpot stated that the Warzone Firefight expansion has been tested by 343 Industries in April 2016 as an open beta and that it will come with the next update. Said update will also bring Grunt Goblin, three multiplayer maps and new Reqs such as a new Covenent vehicle, new armor sets, new weapon variants and many more. One of the three maps is for the Arena and the other two are for Warzone: Prospect and Attack on Sanctum. The latter represents the Covenant homeworld while the former features the rocky terrain specific to the Warzone Assault. The Arena (Molten) map has lava and other dangerous elements that players will enjoy.

The improvements to the game came from player feedback, according to Xbox and the expansion will bring increased difficulty to each new round, along with new vehicles and bosses. An interesting vehicle is the UNSC VTOL AV – 49 WASP which can also be used as a REQ one.

There will also be a new way to play the campaign: Score Attack. This is a system that will enable gamers to play against their friends and earn points and medals. If they beat their opponents in a good way, they will earn more points.

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