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A Ghanaian developer who has created a video game mocking Hillary Clinton game has had his account permanently banned from the Google Play Store. However, at the same time, there are a number of games who simulate violence against Donald Trump, who remain hosted on the store.

The game that has been removed from the Google Play Store is named “Hiliar Clinton”, which is a restaurant simulator that will put the players in the role of a burger vendor on a tropical island. You will need to deliver correct orders to a host of “corrupt” clients, including “Hiliar”, “Hilias’s” husband, Saudi oil sheikhs, dictators and Bill. However, it is good to know that not all customers are that bad, as occasionally, a girl named “Monica Victim” comes into the store.

It’s not sure why Google has decided to ban the game from its Play Store, but there are rumors which say that the photoshopped version of the CNN logo, which says “Corrupt News Network”, may be the reason for the game’s removal. When it comes to brands, copyright tends to be quite strict.

We also remind you that from an analysis made by SourceFed, it resulted that Google’s search result is manipulating search results to favor Hillary Clinton. Google has denied this back then, but when we see now the “Hilliar Clinton” game being banned without giving a relevant reason, it is clearly that something is going on. At the same time, you should know that “Punch The Trump” is one of the most popular games nowadays on the Google Play Store. Hopefully, Google will come with a solid reason for banning the “Hilliar Clinton” game, so we can all chill.

Do you think that Google is favoring Hillary Clinton and it prevents game developers from mocking her? Are you a fan of Hillary Clinton or of Donald Trump?