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YouTube has launched a new Live broadcast for mobile devices, but Facebook already had a Live function which will receive a few improvements. Soon, users will be able to conduct interviews or have discussions with another person, as Facebook Live will support two-person broadcasts.

Facebook attended VidCon, where it pre-announced three updates for Facebook Live, the live-streaming platform that was released in August 2015. The first addition will be two-person remote broadcasts, the second change will allow users to pre-schedule their streams and lastly, they will create a virtual waiting room where they will broadcast with MSQRD’s face masks.

In the near future, users will be able to broadcast with a friend, no matter where you or him/her live in this world. You will have the ability to invite your friend to “drop in” and Mark Zuckerberg said that this feature will be appreciated by celebrities who will participate in Live videos with their fans and answer to their questions.

Waiting rooms will be another addition and they will be places where users will be able to hang out and wait to a broadcast to start. If you want to go live at a certain hour, they can pre-schedule the time and Facebook will send your friend a notification and he/she will know when the stream will start.

Finally, the latest addition will be broadcasts with a mask on. This will allow users of the MSQRD video filter app purchased by the company in March, to go live on Facebook and to wear different masks and effects created in this application. Your online friends who don’t know how you look like in real life will be frustrated because you will be able to hide your face with a cool mask and you will still have the possibility to talk to them.