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Clash of Clans Update Leads To Latest Skeleton Spell

An update for Clash of Clans was set for May, with the rumor that there would be a new spell introduced. This new spell is set to be a Skeleton spell. What’s known about the skeleton spell?


According to Chief Pat, a Clash of Clans expert, the latest Skeleton spell is going to be extremely dark, allowing players the ability to create a multitude of skeletons on the battlefield.  The spell is usable on Town Hall 9, and needs a Dark Elixir. The spell may be increased to level 4, with each level leading to more skeletons. There’s no known information about the amount of skeletons but Supercell may release information about this relatively soon.

The Skeleton spell can keep troops guarding castles distracted, but doesn’t do much else in regarding to destroying buildings. The latest spell could divide troops and help players having a hard time with lower Town Halls.

This latest spell means Dark Elixir Factories can increase to level 4 with the May update. It also means changes are coming in leveling of other dark incantations.

In the March update, there was a gameplay change that ensure skeletons would not trigger traps, but the latest spell offsets this, ensuring they’re not as useful as before.

The May update was recently launched and can now be played on both iOS and Android devices.