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Let us introduce you to the brand new Acer Chromebook with a size of 14 inches and some great features. Here is what it looks like:

acer chromebook 14

Oh, no…Is it a Macbook Air copy?

Well, let’s not jump to conclusions before reviewing this solid laptop. But there is definitely something that makes it a great lookalike. So, what’s the Acer Chromebook 14 like?

First off, it is better than many Chromebooks. It carefully shows the progress of the Chromebooks over the years – and also shows how great can even a $300 laptop be. It is portable, features a fantastic keyboard and trackpad (psst Apple fans) and a crisp 1080p display. Aside from these features, it delivers great quality with all the other Chromebook things – from Netflix to Spotify, Google Docs, Chrome browsing and a lot more.

acer chromebook 14

So, does it have a bad side?

Well, as much as we don’t like to put it this way, the Acer Chromebook just has something missing. Its lack of touchscreen may be a daunting experience for many – and on the other hand, it packs a lot of Android apps into the Chrome OS. Yes, again something like the Air with the App Store, but in a worse way. Apparently, the use of these apps can be a real stress.

The Chromebooks took the world by storm and brought a new form of laptops that are portable, compact and amazingly handy. People use them for quick go-to browser sessions on our favourite Chrome – reading the digest emails – and occasionally, watching the latest TV show episode. But does it go beyond this point?

Well, the 14-inch 1080p IPS LCD featured on the Acer Chromebook 14 clearly tells that as a Chromebook with a great screen, watching shows, browsing the Web and reading mails are the basic functions a laptop must have. And they are all made perfect on the Chromebook 14. Acer has been in the game for longer than we predicted, and every new laptop they roll out is quite handy.

acer chromebook 14

So, what can we conclude from this (unbiased) review?

The bottom line of this review is that even though it is a Chromebook, the Acer 14 model is good for the price – and value. And exactly because of the fact that it is a Chromebook, we should not stress the review based on high-end features, advanced technology or even comparisons with other laptops. Ideally, the Acer Chromebook 14 is a great catch for people who travel a lot, work remotely but want the basic functions of a laptop – without too much stress over sending and downloading big files or editing photos and videos.