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We’ve all been waiting for the moment when our hands will get updated – with the newest Apple Watch 2017. According to many rumors, the Apple Watch 2 will supposedly be introduced to the world in 2017, along with the Macbook and Mac updates.

What do we know so far about the Apple Watch 2?

Well, there will definitely be some interesting changes in store for the brand new Apple Watch 2. Apple will apparently replace the OLED panels it currently uses on the Apple Watch with a Micro LED technology sometime next year in the Apple Watch 2. In other words, the Apple Watch 2 will have a better screen and new display panel technology. This were the initial rumors that emerged as soon as Apple purchased LuxVue, a company that is known for power-efficient micro-LED displays.

If we read between the lines, the screen is definitely going to be a massive change. As you may know, the LED lights play a great role in power-efficiency, which means that the new Apple Watch 2 will come with a better battery life plus a richer and better color gamut that features higher resolution. Aside from that, the Micro LED panels are thinner and lighter, which may indicate that the new Apple Watch won’t be as bulky as its predecessor.

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The screen technology will therefore be better, more power-efficient, brighter and will make the Apple Watch 2 thinner.

The Apple Watch 2 is going to be a huge game changer. If we refer to the actual model and the month of April 2015 when it was officially released, the newest edition may sell even better (although the Apple Watch was sold in millions of copies). In fact, the sales of Apple’s wearable have been higher than the iPhone and iPod, which is a fact that positioned the Apple Watch as a true innovation in the digital marketplace.

The bottom line of these changes is that when it comes to new technologies, Apple knows how to play the game. Aside from that, we can definitely conclude that usually, it takes a while for products to find their path since they are introduced to the market – but also be packed with better technology with each new release. That is something we don’t see in the ‘same old’ iPhones coming out each year.

Until 2017, let’s just hope that our Apple Watches remain the best new portal of technology we have actually worn this decade.