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Apple Fans Waiting For Next iOS Jailbreaking Tool

Many Apple fans are anxiously awaiting to see when the next jailbreaking tool will be released, and the rumor is that it’ll be when Apple has released its fourth beta for its next update iOS 9.3.2. In fact, some folks have guessed that it would be before Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), which is set for mid-June and is a five-day event.


In March 2016, Pangu released a jailbreaking tool for iOS 9.1, but this caused Apple to release more updates to fix the security issues that plagued the software. The update was designed to make it difficult for the jailbreaking tool to actually work.

TaiG, a well-known, highly reputable jailbreaking tool developer, said the next jailbreaking tool would be released shortly after Apple releases its final version to iOS 9.3.2, which is currently in the BETA stage. The company began community testing for both iOS 9.2.1 and 9.3 jailbreakers.  Pangu did release a jailbreaking tool for iOS 9.3.2 called Pangu version 2.2 Beta. At the moment, it’s not accessible because they’re waiting on the complete iOS 9.3.2 version.

This means two jailbreaker manufacturers have come up with a tool, and fans are likely to see it for themselves.  Some users claims the hacking teams can’t release an iOS 9.3.2 jailbreaking tool because the company (Apple) has fixed the security issues it was plagued with. The chances are better that they’ll hack iOS 10 when the beta version is loaded with bugs. When Apple addresses these issues, the iOS will be un-hackable as well.

The WWDC event is coming soon, and then the world will know if hackers were managed to crack the iOS 9.3.2 software to create a useful jailbreak tool.