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Adobe Flash Player Has More Security Issues Than Anyone Anticipates

There’s been all kinds of news about Adobe’s Flash Player – change in name, bug repairs, etc. However, there’s a new kind of news involving the player – a download for both Opera and Chromium, The update version is and works for both Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, allowing them to surf just a little safer.


Adobe’s Flash Player has long been a part of any web browser – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Still, despite the recognition it’s gotten for being easy to use, it’s also well-known for the multiple problems it comes with. Before a person opts to install it onto their browser, they need to carefully consider if it’s really necessary.

It’s important for people to keep in mind the security risk that Adobe Flash Player has with it. In fact, it’s been flooded with all kinds of serious security issues – even more than expected had anticipated. And, every so often, developers release emergency updates to protect the company’s Flash Player.

Besides the problems in security, there is also the annoying banner ads that the Flash Player is embedded with. Therefore, unless a person absolutely needs it, they should consider if it’s worth it. The player also uses a significant amount of the PC’s power, especially on the battery life of a notebook.

Still, the general requirement for Adobe Flash Player is the browser extension if a person wants to play browser games or watch videos. Flash Player has a multitude of multimedia capabilities, which helps with moving-image displays and playbacks.

If someone decides to use the Adobe Flash Player, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Flash Player consistently updates itself through online updates, and they should be installed the moment it’s available.
  • People can set browsers up to start up plugins such as Flash Player with the user’s permission. This function should be set up for secure sites.
  • If a person’s default browser is not Chrome, it can be installed with the player. This will allow users to browse the flash-free standard version, installing the player when a site doesn’t work with Flash. It’s important to note what version of Chrome a player uses to ensure it uses the latest Flash version.