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7 Features That Ensures WhatsApp Remains A Popular Instant Messaging App

WhatsApp has been through a number of transformation to become the most widely used app in the world.  Facebook bought the app a few years ago and, since that time, developers added new features to it like document sharing, voice calling, end-to-end encryption, etc.


What Have Developers Brought To WhatsApp?

Format Text

Users can now italicize, bold and strikethrough text in Whatsapp. In order to do this, users will need to do the following:

  • Bold – Add asterisks before and after text
  • Italicize – Put text between underscores
  • Strikethrough – Put text between tidles

Group Chats Can Be Put On Silent

When a group chat has too many people talking at once, users can stop the notifications for a period of time – eight hours, seven days or a whole year. All they need to do is go to the group and hit Mute.

Send Multiple Contacts One Message

This is known as Broadcasts Lists, located at the top left side of the Chats screen. When people choose it, they can send one message to more than one person simultaneously. If a person is holding a special event, they can send a small group of folks the invitation without alerting others to it. This is done by visiting Chats, Broadcast Lists, New List and Add Contacts. The message will then be written and users can hit send when done.

Document Sharing

WhatsApp allows users the ability to share document on their iCloud or Google Drive accounts. They’ll need to tap the “Up” arrow in the text window to find the Share Document option.

Homescreen Shortcut

Homescreen shortcuts can be added to a person’s favorite chats by tapping and holding the individual chat. From there, they’ll need to choose the Add Conversation Shortcut. It’s a feature only seen with Android phones.

Message Replying From LockScreen

Another Android shortcut, but lets users reply to their messages without the need to open the application. Users will need to go to Settings and Notifications to pick the Always Show popup. If people use an iPhone, they’ll need to have third-party app installed to use the quick reply feature.

Keep Multimedia Files From Saving Right To Your Phone

Users can keep videos and images to being downloaded right to their microSD cards, which can take up a lot of space on the device. This can be stopped by visiting Settings, Chats and turning off the Save Incoming Media.