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If you compare the way WhatsApp looked a year ago with the new WhatsApp, you’ll see plenty changes. It has become the most used application in the world, having 1 billion active users who have friends all over the world, but some of them are using WhatsApp only for basic needs: to chat and to make voice calls, ignoring other features. We’re here to tell you more about the features that are rarely used.

Send A Formatted Text

By putting the text between asterisks (*), you will make it bold, by using an underscore (_), the text will appear italic and a tilde (~) can be used for strikethrough.

Send A single Message To Multiple Contacts, Simultaneously

It’s possible to broadcast a single message to multiple contacts at once and this can be done by clicking on the three dot ellipse that represents the menu, and selecting “New broadcast”. You will be able to add the contacts in the recipient list by clicking the plus sign on the right and selecting their names from the contact list.

Mute Chats And Groups

When conversations between other contacts from the group you’re part of become too annoying, or if someone keeps sending you messages and you want to be left alone, you can mute chats and groups. You will no longer be alerted when you have a new notification by choosing the mute option from the menu, after selecting the contact and group.

Share documents

This is a recently released option and this means that now, you’re able to send PDF, Excel and Word files, in addition to photos and videos. Media files can be attached to your chat and then shared to other contacts. Son, GIFs will be introduced as well.

Don’t Let Others Know You’re Reading Their Messages

The blue ticks are a pain in the ass, as they let your contacts know when you read their messages. If you want to check the message secretively, turn off WiFi and use airplane mode, then open the application and after you’re done reading the message, kill WhatsApp from the memory.

Stop Auto-downloading And Saving Of Multimedia Files

When you receive a photo or video from a friend, it’s automatically saved to your phone’s memory, eating your data as well. Prevent this from happening by going to Settings and make the proper changes under Data usage.

Add Shortcuts To Homescreen

You can add shortcuts to your homescreen to easily chat with your favorite contacts, long press on their names and select “Add chat shortcut”’ from the menu.

Use WhatsApp Desktop Version

Until now, desktop users logged into their WhatsApp accounts by visiting from one of the supported browsers. Now, users have a standalone WhatsApp application that can be downloaded from the official website.

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