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After introducing this feature in Android and iOS, WhatsApp’s developers are now allowing Windows 10 Mobile users to respond directly t received messages in both groups and private chats, which is awesome for those who spent a lot of time looking up for the conversation and responding to a large number of messages with different contacts. WhatsApp 2.16.90 for Windows 10 Mobile is in beta and it’s available for members of the closed testing group.

WhatsApp is an application that is continuously evolving and developers are introducing new features very often. First, they are added to beta versions of each supported platform, but usually, Android has priority. The same thing happened with the new feature that lets you to quote a single message in a group conversation, which was firstly introduced in the version for Android, then for iOS, and now it arrived to Windows 10 Mobile.

Users will make it clear which message they are replying to, and to enable the feature, they will press and hold on a single message. The new beta update for Windows 10 Mobile weighs in at 27MB and it can be downloaded from the Windows Store, but users must be enrolled in the test group. Since this is a beta update, it may come with bugs and other issues, but the developers will try to fix them as soon as possible.

However, if you have an Android smartphone, we must inform you that the latest released beta update is WhatsApp 2.16.135, it has a size of 28.62 MB and it can be downloaded from the Google Play store, but in order to download it, you must become a beta tester. The update comes with bug fixes and performance improvements, but there’s no sign yet of the video calling feature. iOS users, on the other hand, have received version 2.16.6 of WhatsApp on June 3 and the file can be downloaded from iTunes.