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Pokemon GO Release Date Announced during E3 2016

Pokemon fans and avid gamers are aware that Pokemon GO will be released later this year. However, no one knows exactly when the augmented reality game will hit the digital shelves.

Fortunately, it seems that the long wait is over since the release date of the long-awaited game has been announced by Nintendo during it’s livestream on E3 which will finally happen within July 2016.

Regardless of the exact release date, fans are expecting to see Pokemon GO in time for the 2016 season. This is ideal for consumers since they can buy the game as gifts for their family and friends and, of course, a winning strategy for game developer Niantic Labs and publisher The Pokemon Company since they’ll most likely see high sales upon the game’s release.


Pokemon GO Plus and Future Devices

Pokemon GO will be released for Android and iOS devices and rolled out alongside the Pokemon GO Plus, a wearable device that’s developed by gaming giant Nintendo. The Pokemon GO Plus connects to users’ smartphones through Bluetooth and will use an LED light and a vibrating function to inform players whenever Pokemon are nearby. Players can then use their smartphone and the Pokemon GO app to capture these Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Plus is a great addition to the game and will make gameplay even more exciting, but it seems that it won’t stop there. There is always the possibility that Niantic will use an eyewear device in the future to allow players to see Pokemon walking beside them or just hanging out in their surroundings. This admittedly won’t happen within the next few months since it would need powerful and state-of-the-art hardware that are not yet available, but Niantic CEO John Hanke is optimistic that the game will get there in a few years.

“Fitbit for Geeks”

Pokemon GO provides players with the opportunity to have a real-life Pokemon adventure (well, as real as augmented reality gets), but the fun doesn’t stop there. Hanke points out that people can also use the game as “an incentive to walk every day” and calls it “Fitbit for geeks”.

And that’s exactly the point of the Pokemon GO: it encourages players to get out of the house and explore their town or country. Pokemon can be found in outdoor places — Water Pokemon reside near lakes and oceans, for example, while Grass Pokemon live in public parks and botanical gardens — so players must walk around to find and catch these creatures. It’s indeed a great way to combine fitness and modern-day gaming.