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New WhatsApp Update for Android Now Available

We have seen a lot of updates for WhatsApp lately, and it seems like there are many more to come.

Just most recently, WhatsApp for Android has received a new update and is bumped up to version 2.16.120. For those who are wondering, this one is just a beta release, so expect some glitches along the way.


The APK download file has a build number of 451204 and can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Space-wise, it consumes 28.38 MB. It works fine for all tablets and smartphones running on Android version 2.1 or higher. It comes with bug fixes and, as it is a beta, it may contain a bug, so it is very likely that that the app may show instability.

As for the features, don’t get your hope to high because there isn’t any. There are no any visual changes either. Its sole purpose is to fix WhatsApp’s existing bugs.

In the previous update though, the developers added a feature that allows users to quote messages – very helpful if you want to comment on something someone said in group chats.

Most recent update

The updates for this month didn’t end at 2.16.120. WhatsApp APK has just been updated today to version 2.16.122. This new release has a build number 451206 and weighs 28.18 MB, just slighty lighter than the previous one. It is available for both smart phones and tablets running on Android version 2.1 and higher.

If you are wondering, this is a stable version and not a beta version. So, expect better performance and no visible bugs.

To download this latest APK version on your Android phone, go to your trusted mirror sites. Or better yet, get the update from Play Store if you’re already running the beta version of the app.

And there’s a new one coming

WhatsApp download version 2.16.128 is on the horizon, but we are going to have to wait for a while. This new version is expected to bring Lollipop’s Material Designs to Android users – the kind of thing many WhatsApp users are waiting for.

There will be some revamping possibly, so expect to get a fresh look and feel from the upcoming Lollipop preview than previous builds.

As of writing, the update has not been released yet, but the official APK file is now downloadable from WhatsApp’s website. It weighs just 19.6 MB, significantly lighter than the previous versions.