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The Mojang guys have just announced they will release an update for Minecraft. It is minor, but it is significant in the sense that it improves the entire game, bringing it to version 1.10.1. It fixed the usual bugs and it precedes another update that will fix even more stuff and will come in a couple of weeks.

Are you curious about the improvements the update brings? If so, check them out!

Perhaps not all the players know about these bugs, but one of them was an offset on Farmland Block between the player and the mob. Also, the DataWatcher ID (or the Entity Metadata) was working on the class load order. Another example of a bug that was fixed was the killing of old world entities whenever they were loaded in more recent versions. This was happening because there was a typo in the data fixer for health, but you can relax now, it was solved.

There was an issue with Structure Block too. You couldn’t use the pos1, the keys End or Delete, nor the arrow keys in order to navigate in the structure name field in the structure blocks. Also, the chat key was directly connected to the unicode char, and this meant there were lots of crashes in the creative inventory. Besides that, Mojang also solved the problem of the subtitles for polar bear, which did not exist.

The company asks players to report any bug they found, especially if they are testing out a modified or a vanilla server. Multiplayer sessions are of particular interest for them, so keep an eye on any bug you might see! They claim that sometimes they can’t recreate the crash reports they receive, so they need all the help they can get for that.