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Minecraft players who own mobile devices running on different operating systems are able to play with each other without needing an Xbox Live Gold, as Minecraft Realms has received cross-platform multiplayer features.

Good news for Minecraft players who own smartphones that run on Android, iOS or Windows 10 have now the possibility to play with each other, regardless of the mobile version, thanks to Minecraft Realms’ cross-platform play implementation. Also, Microsoft has told GamesBeat that gamers won’t need to pay for an Xbox Live Gold subscription to use this feature, while last week, the company has announced that only gamers who play the mobile versions of Minecraft will be able to rent official Minecraft servers, and that this option will be available for consoles next year.

Microsoft has announced the launch of Minecraft Realms service for Pocket Edition over a week ago, offering a free 30-day trial of Realms on Android, iOS and Windows 10 users who have an Xbox Live account. “Realms lets you host worlds in the cloud, which can only be accessed by folks that you invite. And, it offers up to 11 players to play simultaneously, which is over twice what we were able to offer before. Minecraft Realms and Xbox Live make it easier than ever to do this. And, because the worlds are persistent, your friends can keep building away, even when you’re not online. No more disconnects because the hosting player had to respond to a text or head offline to eat dinner! Realms also offers you the ability to access your world from multiple devices – start exploring on your phone while you’re out on Wi-fi and switch over to your Windows 10 PC or tablet when you get home,” said Microsoft.

Gamers who want to rent a Minecraft server must pay $8 a month, but if they want a Gold subscription, they need to pay a $60-per-year fee. Minecraft Realms was released in 2013 for PC and now it’s available for Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Kindle Fire and Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, as well.