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Google Chrome can sometimes be a real pain when it comes to speed. This is among the biggest problems people suffer from when it comes to Chrome. However, there is a ‘cure’ for this daunting experience – and is named The Google Chrome Software Removal Tool or simply put, the Chrome Cleanup tool.

You can download the Chrome Cleanup tool here. But hey, how to install it on your dekstop or laptop PC – and why is it so powerful?

This 4.4 MB cleanup tool does not actually require to be installed and set up. Once you download it (which is in a moment), it can be run directly and do its wonders – by scanning for and removing all the software that causes problems on your Chrome. So, if your Chrome is sluggy or has some suspicious programs – yes, the Chrome Cleanup Tool is a real life-saver.

Here is how the window looks like once you ‘download’ the tool:

chrome cleanup tool

If you want, you can send more information about your computer to Google in order to improve your experience. To do so, just uncheck the box when you get to the window above. If you do it, all your details will be sent to Google, including your App version, CPU information, Processor vendor, malware, detailed logs etc.

If you click on ‘Continue’, though, your browser will be offered a Reset – and here, you may click on Reset or Cancel. However the Reset option is our recommended choice. As soon as you do this, Chrome will immediately disable all the apps, extensions and themes you may have installed. Afterwards, you can re-enable them only by going in the Menu > More Tools > Extensions and you will see this screen.

chrome cleanup tool

You should however know that the Chrome Cleanup Tool won’t scan for all types of computer viruses – but only the programs that are associated to any troubles with your Chrome browser. This means that you may still have malware on your PC – for which the best option is a professional Antivirus software.

In the end, you can download the Chrome Cleanup Tool from here and give your system a facelift. Why not, with all that information you have online?