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There have been some rumors regarding the GTA 6 release which left people really intrigued. As it seems, there is a chance that the sixth game of the franchise will happen overseas. Up until now, the company has chosen locations spread around the US, its main major cities, but now specialists believe they are about to take a turn and stop overseas.

Dan Houser, who is a cofounder of Rockstar, has stated before that they don’t want the franchise to be limited to the American culture, and this might be a hint that they will move the action on a different continent. However, there is no official confirmation for the GTA 6, though many fans believe that they are currently working on it and will release it in the not-so-near-future.

There are some other rumors that claim that we will get to enjoy the trailer for the game towards the end of this year or the beginning of 2017. If we have to be realistic though, there is no official confirmation of the game, so it’s a far-fetched supposition the release of a trailer in half a year.

According to Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar is planning to release more exciting projects in the near future, and many fans are sure that they will also refer to GTA 6. However, there is still time this year for the developers to announce the game and thus the trailer.

Some are even putting forward one possibility for the location (and the name) of the sixth installment of the game: GTA Las Venturas or GTA San Fierro. This may happen because, if you remember, the map in GTA: San Andreas was not completed.