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Getting the Hottest News and Features about the Google Play Store

There are many new features that Google Play Store has been offering to its online customers. One being the app will suggest for any unused apps that you need to uninstall for better space management. If you often run out of internal memory space on your mobile device, you will be given suggestions by the Play Store on how to address this problem.


This can sometimes happen to those who often download tons of files or apps that may compromise the memory space. Sometimes even a 16GB external memory may still run out of available space. So Google will prompt the user that the device no longer has enough storage space.

Part of the new features being offered by Google Play will be announced in the Google I/O in 2016, which include better betas, benchmarks, new Play Console app, and the pre-launch report, among other stuff.

Beta Tests Just Got Better – As a crucial tool for developers in general, Google has improved this feature. Google understands that it will be so much helpful, so beta tests can now be easier to find and participate. Those apps that are only referred to as open betas and not in production just yet, will now appear in the Play search results. Users will be allowed to opt-in from the listings directly. Private feedbacks will also be sent to the user through the listing in the Play Store.

Pre-Launch Report – With this new feature, businesses that rely on high quality apps will achieve quality through the new pre-launch report which summarizes the issues being found upon testing the app from the Firebase Test Lab for Android that hosts a huge collection of devices.

Benchmark Reviews – This allows you to see the rating distribution of the app in comparison to similar apps in the category. This will provide a list of topics relevant for all other apps such as design, speed and stability. Users will also be able to see how certain areas will affect the rating of your app.

By releasing all these new features, Google is able to provide a comprehensive way for users to appreciate the Google Play Store app and see to it that more and more customers are satisfied with their service.