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On June 21, Supercell has released another Clash Royale update that addressed some of the biggest problems that have been ignored. Developers have changed the dynamic of the game, but some players expected changes to a few overpowered cards, and their suggestions weren’t taken into consideration. So, these are the changes that were brought in the new update.

The update for Clash Royale that was released in May came with six new troops, gold for each battle won, double the rewards from Tower Chests, as well as other surprises. This time, the company has focused on fixes and game-balancing tweaks, as follows:

Hog Rider – its damage was decreased by 6%;
Cannon – hitpoints were decreased by 8%;
Prince had its damage increased by 9%;
P.E.K.K.A – its damage was increased by 8%;
Goblin Barrel – the spawn time was decreased to 1 second (from 1.2 second);
X-Bow – deploy time was decreased to 4 seconds (from 5 seconds) and hitpoints were increased by 18%;
Mortar – deploy time was decreased to 4 seconds (from 5 seconds);
Furnace – its lifetime was increased to 50 seconds (from 40 seconds);
Guards – pushback effect when their shields were breaking has been removed;
Witch – its damage was increased by 17%;
Lava Hound – its damage was increased by 28%;
Skeletons – three spawn instead of 4;
Tesla – hitpoints were increased by 8%.

As you can see, a big boost was offered for the Prince and PEKKA, while an increase of 17% is enough to make the Witch more useful. The spawn time of the Goblin barrel will help players take down towers faster, and the return of the X-Bow and Mortar is welcome. Players were surprised to see the 1 Elixir skeletons drop to 3, but their number is good enough to distract attackers.

On the other hand, players are frustrated because some troops are very expensive to upgrade, as they’re playing up to $100 to increase by one level.