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Samsung is investing a lot in VR and it aims to provide an “end-to-end VR ecosystem”. Marc Mathieu, Samsung’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, said that the company wants to bring the power of the VR technology directly to the people. Mathieu added that Samsung wants to also help creators to learn and perfect art of VR storytelling.

We remind you that Samsung has joined the “VR party” a while ago, but it is good to know that the Gear 360 is the first consumer VR camera that the company has ever released. Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t speak of wider release in the U.S. of this particular gadget, but we are pretty sure that more details about it will be released sometime in the next weeks.

It is good to know that the Gear 360 VR’s availability is limited, but still, the company has finally managed to bring it to public. Its price may be a turnoff for some users, especially because if you will want to own or purchase a top Galaxy smartphone in order to maximize its potential.

This means that aside from the 349.99 dollars that you will need to pay for Gear 360 VR, you will also need to pay about 800 dollars for a Galaxy smartphone in order to have a full VR experience that Samsung has to offer.

It is good to know that the Samsung Creators initiative will also include classes and seminars that will help filmmakers to create immersive, high-quality VR videos and learn how to use the Gear 360 VR camera. The courses will start at VidCon, but a competition is also set in July 2016, where the indie filmmakers will be able to submit their Gear VR and Gear 360 content. Then, Samsung will be able to choose a winner for each of its 10 categories such as: gaming, sports, fashion, tech and more.