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With Apple’s iOS 9.3.2 version getting closer and closer to a release date, it means a jailbreaking tool for the iOS 9.2.1 software may never come to fruition.

There are a number of reasons why no tool has been made or real be made for the iOS 9.2.1 such as jailbreaking teams have been unable to circumvent the company’s defenses or having a hard time getting around it. Should this be the case, it could be the reason jailbreaking teams took a bit of time to get a jailbreaking tool available for iOS 9.1.

Pangu, a popular jailbreaking team, was finally able to release a 9.1. jailbreak tool in March – a bit late considering most folks had upgraded to newer versions and can’t go back to the older versions since Apple no longer uses it.

Tech experts don’t agree though, noting that Apple does have some worthwhile security in the firmware but that doesn’t mean it’s impenetrable. Several independent hackers claim they’ve been able to jailbreak the iOS 9.2.1 version including Italy’s own Luca Todesco. In January, this hacker said he broke his device and posted a screenshot that showed his device using Cydia.

Still, Todesco and others have not released this tool, which means the rest of the public would need to wait on the popular hacking teams of TaiG and Pangu to come up with their own tools.

Another possibility is that jailbreaking teams may actually be waiting for the latest updates to be released before they start working on a jailbreaking tool. They may be focusing their efforts on 9.3.2 – a theory that seems to garner support from various rumors that these teams will have a tool ready before Apple’s annual WWDC event where the company is set announced iOS 10.

What does this mean for people who own Apple devices? It means one of two things if they have the iOS 9.2.1 on their device still:

  • Keep using this version and wait for the jailbreaking tool to arrive
  • Upgrade to the newest iOS

For people who have made the upgrade to iOS 9.3 or higher, the best thing that can be done is wait to see if a jailbreaking tool will be available for iOS 9.3.2.