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Maxis and AE have constantly been releasing updates for the Sims 4, but we don’t really know much about the console version, do we? Thankfully, there are some reports about this that show we might be enjoying it this autumn.

Fans were quite disappointed that there was no official announcement about the console version of the game at the EA Play event. However, the company did not even mention the possibility of releasing it, which led to a lot of skeptical opinions. Even if there is no concrete evidence, people are expecting the version to be released in autumn.

Meanwhile, Maxis and EA are expanding the Sims 4 universe for PCs. Recently they released a DLC for foodies called Dine Out, and now they announced a new expansion pack for those who still feel like kids. As it seems, on June 28 we will receive the Kids Room Stuff DLC. It comes together with lots of things designed for the little ones. An interesting addition is the Puppet Theater, a place where kids can have a puppet performance for family and friends and also boost their social skills. There you will find 5 unlockable plays for kids.

In the expansion pack you will also find the Voidcritter Battle Station, something like Pokemon for this game. Voidcritters are in fact “monsters” that appear every once in a while. Children can capture them, train and collect them and even trade them for other such creatures.

You will also find there new items and new outfits, more stylish and modern. Now, kids in game will be able to listen to their radio station, called Tween Pop, or watch TV on a special channel, BEtween TV.