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With so many messaging apps out there it’s hard to understand which ones are actually worth your time. Sending and receiving written messages on an app isn’t as cool as it once was – but it seems as though there is an emergence of newer platforms trying to capitalize on the faulty voice calls that some of these apps have gotten the reputation of having. Enter Meucci.

Meucci is a new app claiming to take the thinking out of making a call by allowing users to make free GSM and VoIP calls. Like other apps, Meucci offers messaging, but also claims to allow an unlimited amount of users to participate on a call and keep the call quality to the highest standard regardless of where any user is located – and all of this for free. This comes as a particularly useful tool for people who make a lot of international calls, like expats, or for those in places with low internet connectivity like in Africa and Asia, areas where the company is concentrating on reaching new users.

The message that Meucci really wants to get across is that they are a premier, all-in-one communication platform. Since the app utilizes a user’s mobile phone number, they don’t have to switch over to Skype or Google hangouts or ask for usernames when making a long distance call. The app also automatically switches from GSM to VoIP depending on a user’s location so that the call quality is never sacrificed. All of this is done without having to pay a cent which is something that is also gaining the attention of major telecom giants, like Orange.

An Orange Poland engineer recently voiced his concern over LinkedIn while debating with some Meucci team members about the app being dangerovus to the telecom industry. This short post, seems to be a sign that Meucci is actually striking fear into the hearts of large corporations by offering people all over the world the option to break the chains of typical phone bills. Much of the massive revenues mobile operators achieve come at the expense of users, and Meucci claims to be trying to help those same users get some money back.

“Right now we want to focus on gaining traction on the app, it will remain completely free for our users,” said CEO of Meucci, Rubi Kizner. “We’ve had an amazing response since our launch a few weeks ago and are already active in 60 countries, most of which are emerging markets.”

The app is continuing to grow like wildfire with 33% of its downloads being converted to active users, three times the average market rate.

Meucci can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store.