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Fallout 4 MODS are expected to be released for the PlayStation 4 console sometime this month, but it seems that the developers from Bethesda are having some real issues on getting them to work.

We remind you that the Creation Kit has been updated recently and it came with the ability to upload mods for the PS4 console. However, it seems that things are not going very well, because when the developers have tried to implement them into the PS4 consoles they have faced some issues. In concordance with Bethesda, there are some issues that modders might run into problems and these are the reasons why:

– PC Textures are used and this may cause performance and memory issues
– The sounds files are currently not support as the PS4 sound format is a proprietary format.

However, the developer said that it is working with Sony in order to bring optimal texture exporting support in a future update. Bethesda added that the PS4 Mod Storage limit is about 900MB for now and it advises players to not upload mods larger than 900MB. The developer is in talks with Sony to increase this limit in the future.

We remind you that Fallout 4 MODS are al ready LIVE on the Xbox One consoles. It seems that Microsoft knew how to manage with all these issues faster and the owners of these consoles can already load MODS on the Fallout 4 game.

Bethesda has promised that a closed BETA for the Fallout 4 MODS for PS4 will be running soon. Hopefully the developer can fix all these issues before the gamers get too impatient.

At the same time, the MOD storage should be bigger, as the Xbox One gamers have 2GB available for the Fallout 4 game and they already claimed that they need way more storage for the MODS. In other words, the 900MB storage that the PlayStation 4 console will have available for the Fallout 4 MODS will not be enough.