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Facebook doesn’t always care if users agree or not to download applications or to use new features, but they must comply with the new rules and the latest thing they are forced to accept is to set Messenger as the default SMS texting app. Users have complained that they received a pop-up message on their phones which asked them if they want to make the change, but instead of giving them the option to accept or dismiss the message, Facebook shows only two options: OK and Settings.

While Facebook hasn’t provided an explanation for what the OK option does, when clicking on it, Messenger app is set as the default app, which means that users are unable to dismiss the prompt for later. Settings option takes users to the settings menu, where they are able to switch the SMS integration on or off, and if users click the back button, they are sent back to their home screen.

Messenger app has over 900 million active users, but it’s not sure how many of them have received the prompt, but most of them are angry at Facebook, which made the company to send out a statement, in order to calm down the spirits. “SMS in Messenger is an optional feature. People can choose whether or not they wish to use it,” Facebook said. “When they first see the prompt, they can choose to start seeing their SMS messages in Messenger by turning on the feature, or they can decide not to by tapping Settings. If they decide to see SMS messages in Messenger and to also reply to messages from Messenger, we’ll ask people to approve any new device permissions that are required. Messenger doesn’t modify any device settings without people agreeing to it,” said Facebook in the statement.

After the release of this statement, the prompt was no longer seen in the application, and it’s not sure how many users have already set Messenger as the default SMS app.