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Do you need an iOS 9.3 Jailbreak?

iOS 10 has just been announced at WWDC, but some users will continue to be stuck with a lower version of Apple’s famous mobile operating system. iOS 9.3 is loaded with lots of features, including:

  • Night Shift

    Studies have shown that exposure to bright blue light at night can affect circadian rhythms which makes it harder for people to all asleep. Apple’s designers took sleep into consideration when adding this feature to their OS. Using the device clock and geolocation to determine the exact time where you’re located. Night Shift then automatically adjusts depending on what time it is.

  • More private Notes

    A lot of users jot down notes using this app, but what about sensitive information? All of those were just out in the open in previous editions, but 9.3 allows personal data to be kept more private through the use of a password or fingerprint. With this update, users can also sort notes by date created, date modified or in alphabetical order.

  • More tailored News

    Users will find the articles in the For You section more tailored to their interests. You can also discover new Favorites through suggestions such as trending topics and Editor’s Picks. Users can also play video straightaway from the feed. Also, the latest stories appear much faster which makes it easier to catch up on the day’s events faster.

  • More health apps

    Users can track their health and wellness better through the addition of categories such as Weight, Workouts and Sleep which allows users to check through several apps to add to the Health dashboard.

  • A better CarPlay

    New and For You features from Apple Music were added to CarPlay and the songs, artists and albums that will be suggested are handpicked by experts as well as based on the user’s preferences. The Neaby features in Maps will also let users find gas, parking, restaurants and coffee located nearby.


With all these wonderful features, why would someone want to jailbreak iOS 9.3? The reason jailbreaks occurred was people found the OS too restrictive and wanted to do something more. Given the concern over the release of an iOS 9.3 jailbreak, hopes aren’t too high among users. Then again, only time will tell.

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