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Desktop computers are starting to fade away, sure they’re still much better at being computers, the games and tasks that you’re capable of doing on a desktop computer are impossible on laptops but at the end of the day, the vast majority of people would much rather use mobile computers that they can take to the library or the park; instead of being forced to be stuck on a table at their home.

The Variables

If you’ve used all of these browsers in the past then you’re pretty familiar with what they’re capable of doing, each of them have perks and advantages that everyone is interested in, where Chrome is able to synchronise with your Google account, Firefox provides you with the sense of security that’s common with open source projects, Opera on the other hand is just the more ‘familiar’ choice for most people, Edge; is Microsoft’s answer to all of these.

Edge took the spotlight as a replacement for Internet Explorer in Windows 10, Internet Explorer is still alive and fully functional in Windows 10, Edge is simply the better alternative, in terms of pretty much everything; whether it’s optimisation, simple speed or just a pleasant feel, you should definitely give Edge a try before you give up on it.

Different browsers work differently, they handle the resources of your computer differently, Chrome may feel like it’s faster but it’s definitely not the most efficient, these resources may be your RAM, processing power and in turn, your battery, but how each of these different browsers use them is a different story altogether.

Microsoft Edge Experiment

Microsoft ran an experiment, here’s the video:

Now before we start saying that the only reason Microsoft’s Edge won this is because they were the ones who set up the experiment in the first place, let’s face the fact that if any of the other companies are unhappy about the authenticity of the results, they’re more than welcome to test it themselves and state otherwise.

Microsoft Edge ended up lasting over seven hours, Opera lasted around six, Firefox lasted five and Chrome only lasted over four hours.

It’s not just video streaming though, pretty much everyone who’s used Edge has already fallen in love with it, it’s fast, provides you with the synchronisation that Chrome does, sure it’s harder to switch over from a browser you’ve used a lot but it’s definitely not impossible.

If you ever find yourself stuck and unable to decide, feel free to take a look at Edge, the best thing about Edge is that it’s not Internet Explorer, the second best thing Edge might be it’s low battery consumption, keeping your notebooks alive for as long as possible makes sure that you can keep working without being interrupted about your battery life, how has your experience with Edge been? Feel free to comment.