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People have been wondering for quite a while about when this will happen but we’re finally seeing the legacy MacBook Pro being pulled away from Apple stores.

We’re expecting a new generation of MacBook devices to be released soon but until that happens we’re finally saying goodbye to one of the last non-Retina devices that Apple is still selling, the device is still currently available at Apple’s online store but it might not stay there for long.

What was so special about the legacy MacBook Pro?

It had an optical device, upgradeable internal hardware, you could increase its RAM and change the hard drive, many people are still using their legacy MacBook Pros, after several upgrades of course.

The optical device is probably the only reason some people have stuck to it, but its uses are slowly dying out as simply downloading something via the internet has become easier than buying physical copies of your favourite music, tools or games.

Over the last few years we’ve also seen games move away from the traditional DVDs, the era of using disc drives didn’t last as long as people hoped but many people are still dependent on these discs for their daily tasks, whether it’s to access saved data or just because they don’t have access to a fast internet connection, the legacy MacBook Pro will definitely be used for a long while, even after Apple stops selling it.

Why are they removing it from their stores?

As mentioned already, we’re probably going to see a new line of MacBooks to be released, they’ll most definitely have the ever so famous Retina displays, it’ll probably be ultra-thin, light and exactly how Apple likes their products to be.

Apple usually removes their more older pieces of technology when they release a new one, it’s really taken them a long while to remove the MacBook Air but it’s definitely something that needed to be done at the end of the day, it’s about time we leave older pieces of technology behind us, we’ve all grown up around optical discs but let’s face it, they were never here to stay.

If we’re seeing the legacy MacBook Pro being removed, the rumours about MacBook Air being removed might be true as well, since the MacBook Air is one of the other few Apple products that don’t feature the Retina screen.

When can we expect new products to be announced?

The 2016 version of the Retina MacBook was launched on April 19th, we’re going to have to wait a while before we see something new being announced, unless the new product is completely different from Apple’s existing devices.

Apple does follow a cycle when it comes to announcing devices so we can surely expect something later this year, as for people who’ve been using the legacy MacBook Pro all this time, how has it served you?