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WhatsApp Desktop App Offers Same Feature As Mobile Version

WhatsApp 2.16.73 was recently made available to mobile Android users, but users today have the option to use a desktop Whatspp app along with the mobile version.  The desktop app is an extension of the mobile phone, with messages and conversations in the mobile device being mirrored into the computer.


Therefore, it doesn’t matter if a person is using their computer or their phone, their chat conversations are going to be synched for every device.

Desktop App vs. Mobile App: What’s The Difference Between The Two?

When it comes to the features, there’s not much different in the two platforms. Users still have the ability to send and receive messages, call and share files. The difference though lies in the support and several function. Since WhatsApp desktop app uses a computer, support is offered for desktop notifications and keyboard shortcuts – things you can easily do with an actual keyboard.

  • Ctrl + Backspace – delete a message
  • Ctrl + E – archive a chat
  • Ctrl + F – launches search bar
  • Ctrl + N – start a new chat
  • Ctrl + Shift + M – to mute
  • Ctrl + Shift + N – start a new group chat
  • Ctrl + Shift + U – change the read status of message

In order to use keyboard shortcuts on Mac computers, users just need to use Cmd key instead of Ctrl with the above functions. Think Cmd + N to begin a new chat.

Of course, not everybody will be happy about the desktop WhatsApp since it works just for Windows 8 64-bit and newer versions. People who have stuck with Windows 7 due to the vast array of problems with the latest versions may be unable to use WhatsApp desktop.  For users of Mac, the app will run on OS X 10.9 or newer.

Users need to remember that their phone is necessary to initially log into the WhatsApp Desktop app. Before users can get into their account, they’ll need to scan the QR code with their phone. This process is a bit confusing, but it’s hopeful that it’ll be a little more convenient in the future.

The capabilities found on the WhatsApp Android app are also seen with the desktop app. Basically, what a person can do with their phone can also be done on their computer.