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WhatsApp Beta Now Supports Quotes

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps around the world (with over one billion users) and is known for sticking to the basics in terms of features and services. Fortunately, it seems that the app is getting ready to change its image as it offers more and more features that users will surely find useful.


One of these is the ability to quote previous messages. Before, if you wanted to quote the people you’re chatting with, you had no choice but to copy the text and paste it as a new message. Now, you have the option to copy the message as it is and paste in a new message as an in-line quote. This way, the people you’re chatting with will know that you’re referencing a remark that you  or someone else has previously made.

To make an in-line quote, you first have to download WhatsApp beta version 2.16.118. Once it’s installed in your device, you can choose the message you want to copy and hold your finger over it to do a long press. Doing this will bring out a menu that contains the usual options like starring, trash, copy, and forward as well as a reply arrow. Tap on this arrow to insert your chosen message as well as the name of its sender to into a new message. The quote will appear on top of the text entry box, and you can write a new message under it.

If you chose the wrong message, or if you decide not to continue with the quote, don’t worry since you can easily delete it by tapping on the “x” button.

WhatsApp’s new quote feature is a great way to remind people about the statements that they have made earlier and improve the flow of your conversations. It’s also an excellent way to easily navigate group chats and avoid confusion when chatting with several friends or family members.

The only disappointing thing about the new feature is that it’s currently not possible to quote longer chains of messages, although this may change in future versions of the beta. And, considering that users have been waiting for this feature for a long time, it’s something that many of them won’t complain about.

To enjoy the new quote feature, simply download WhatsApp beta version 2.16.118 from Google Play Store Beta or from APK Mirror. If you still don’t have access to the feature after downloading the beta, try uninstalling the app and installing it again.