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It will take till September to the iPhone to release its new software along with its most awaiting Gen Y iPhone, all the iPhone fans are keenly waiting that what Apple offers them. Although, the developers of this iOS 10 are already testing on their gadgets while the option for public testing will be available from coming month. Some of us are not the part of developers’ team or the team of public beta program, and then they have to wait for September till the Apple releases it. It does not mean that you cannot have the iOS 10 elements before its release, especially on your iOS 9 software present on your iPad or iPhone, you can certainly have them.

Here are some of the features related to the iOS 10 that you can run on your iOS 9 easily. So, before the final release, you can enjoy the substitute version of iOS 9 with iOS 10 options easily.

You might need to jailbreak your phone for some options while some options do not require any sort of jailbreak at all. That will be mentioned in the features’ requirements.

  • homeKit app:

The HomeKit app named Home has been designed by Apple for the iOS. There is another one available in App Store by the developers of third party. You can install Home if you cannot get iOS 10 in your iPhone for now.

  • Photos app:

This app will help you in finding the photos with recognition potential. This is just like Google’s feature of Photo- like image detection. The app will choose your most important photos for you easily. This feature is available right now in the App Store; therefore, the users do not have to wait for that by the September. You will find it in your Google Photos that will recognize your photos.

  • Bedtime:

The iOS 10 will have this aspect of chasing your sleep and maintains the alarm timings with the help of this Bedtime that is present in its Clock application. If you cannot get iOS 10 yet, then you can take the same feature with this Sleep Cycle application. Your quality sleep and wake up timings will be monitored with this app and it will wake you up at the appropriate time of your sleep.

  • Clear all Notifications with 3D Touch:

We all have to clear notifications manually from the tab by clicking on cross daily. While the iOS 10 gives you this option to now clear the notifications with the 3D touch feature. If you think that you cannot wait till September to get this feature, then you have to jailbreak this app. From BigBoss repo, you can get this tweak.

  • 3D touch quick action on Home Screen Widget:

You can now have the apps’ widgets on Home Screen when there is a 3D touch feature present. The jailbreakers have made the replica of this feature that will be available on BigBoss for $0.99. This tweak is known as Shortcuts.

  • Parked car:

Earlier, your map only tells you that where your car is travelling while with this new feature of Parked car in iOS 10, you can find out that where is your car parked and how can you reach to it. On the App Store, this app is available for $1.99 only with the name of Track Back application.

  • Read receipt feature for individuals:

In iOS 9, the read receipt feature is not available whereas, with the iOS 10, you can select people to whom you want to send receipt or not. From BigBoss repo, the users can get this jailbreak tweak for $0.99, which is named SelectiveReading.

  • Entirely interactive notifications:

The notification area needed some work and in iOS 10, there are some changes that have made the feature easy to interact with. For iOS 9 users, the jailbreakers have provided this tweak called Columba and it can be installed from BigBoss repo for $2.99 only.

  • UI with rounded corners:

The layout of the notifications has changed a bit in iOS 10. For the iOS 9 users, you can get this with the tweak named Roundifictaion. So no more wait for iOS 10 release, just go to BigBoss repo and get this tweak for free.

  • Magnifier:

This Magnifier app enables you to use Camera as a magnifying glass and it is present in iOS 10 already. In App Store, the app called Magnificent is available that will perform with the same magnifying feature.

  • Stickers and Handwriting in Messages:

Making messages more interesting with your own handwriting and stickers have its own fun. The iOS 10 messages will have this aspect for you. While for iOS 9, you can use the jailbreak app named Grafiti. The other app is also available known as StickerMe.

  • Control center with 3D touch:

The control center will also be able to use with the 3D gesture now. In iOS 9, you can use this tweak QuickCenter for $1 and get to use 3D feature in your iOS 9. The BigBoss repo will provide you this tweak.

  • No more stock apple apps:

The iOS 10 will delete the stock apps of Apple. At Jerry En, the app AppHide will do the thing for you and it can download for free.

  • Raise to wake:

The iOS 10 will give you iPhone the same feature that HTC phones are giving you. Whenever you will pick the phone, the screen will light up. With iOS 9, you can have the tweak FaceOff that is at BigBoss Cydia.

Here are some of the substitutes for your iPhone’s features till you wait for the iOS 10.