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The Surface Pro 4 hybrid was released in October 2015 and while some critics were very pleased of it, others have criticized it. Either way, in the first quarter of 2016 there were shipped 275,000 units, with over 160,000 more than Apple’s iPad Pro series and fans are hardly waiting for the next model, hoping that this one won’t have battery problems and sleep mode issues. Here are the known details about the Surface Pro 5.

Soon, Intel will release the next generation Kaby Lake processor at the end of 2016 and rumors say that Microsoft will wait until then to include the new chip inside its Surface Pro 5. The new processor is expected to consume less battery and at the same time, it will be much faster, but for now, nothing’s certain. The graphics processing unit will be either Nvidia Pascal or AMD Polaris, which will be backed by up to 16GB of RAM, but lower budget variants will have less RAM.

Next month, Microsoft will release Windows 10 Redstone 2 and it will come pre-installed on the laptop-tablet hybrid. At this point, the developers are making the last preparations before the arrival of the second part of the operating system’s big upgrade.

The tablet might come with two screen resolution variants: 2K and 4K versions and the USB port will be replaced with the new USB-C. There are also rumors suggesting that the Surface Pen will be overhauled, featuring a rechargeable battery instead of the old alkaline battery and it will be charged wirelessly when it’s attached to the device. Other upgrades will be made to the camera, WiFi and Bluetooth.

The Surface Pro 5 might be released in the final quarter of 2016, but other rumors claim that the launch will be postponed until spring 2017 with the inclusion of the Windows 10 Redstone 2 update. It’s not sure how much it will cost, but most likely, Microsoft will retain the launch price that the Surface Pro 4 had: $899 – the weakest configuration.