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Good news for Minecraft fans! The update 1.28 is available in Japan and Europe for PS 3, 4 and Vita. For North Americans, do not panic, it will be released for you too later this day. There are lots of patches contained by this update.

For instance, the company added a Battle Mini Game and brought some updates for the Skin Select menu. You will also receive the Battle Map Pack 1 and the Season Pass DLC, which is a thing many enjoyed. The company also added something to the Custom Superflat possibilities: Caves and Ravines.

The Controls menu also received an upgrade, the option for Safe Sprint. Depending on what layout you choose, you can take the Change Camera Mode or the Sneak/Dismount options from the stick button. This comes as a consequence of the fact that many people accidentally pressed the stick when starting to sprint. Also, the toggle button can now work as Distribute Items button, that lets you distribute a stack of items by dragging it over several slots you have in the Inventory. Besides that, the company fixed several issues: for instance, you could not move items from the Furnace to the Inventory with Quick Move, or you had some problems with Mushroom Block in Superflat world gen menu.

Minecraft also received an update for Xbox One, 360 and Wii U, consisting in the Battle Minigame. This minigame offers some additional packs with maps if you pay $2.99. Map Pack 1, for instance, offers Temple, Lair and Medusa. Mojang declared that they are planning to release more and more minigames in the future, so stay tuned if you want to see what other additions the team has prepared.