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If you’re using WhatsApp on a Nokia Asha or any other Nokia phone that runs on the S40 OS, you can now upgrade the app to version 2.16.38.


The latest update will fix bugs that have been causing WhatsApp to frequently crash in Nokia Asha and Nokia S40 devices. It will also provide additional security and make WhatsApp more stable on these devices.

Unfortunately, version 2.16.38 will not bring along new features to WhatsApp for Nokia Asha. Those who are hoping to enjoy WhatsApp’s voice calling features on their Nokia devices will be disappointed to know that they won’t be able to do so. This isn’t really surprising, though, since WhatsApp has already announced that they won’t be making this feature available to those who are using Nokia S40 devices.

Despite this, it’s still important to download the 2.16.38 update to enjoy security and stability on WhatsApp for Nokia Asha and S40 and ensure the app works smoothly. To get this update, you can visit and download the file for version 2.16.38. Once it’s downloaded, follow the instructions on the screen to install it in your phone then restart your device to enjoy the updated version of WhatsApp.

It’s important to note that version 2.16.38 is still in beta phase, so it might have some hiccups in its performance. But there’s no need to worry since a stable version of the update may be released soon.

The WhatsApp team continues to provide updates to Nokia Asha and S40 users to ensure they’ll have a smooth and stable experience when using the app. However, keep in mind that WhatsApp will no longer support Nokia phones (both Symbian and S40) as well as Blackberry, Windows Phone 7.1, and Android 2.1 and 2.2 devices in 2017 and beyond. This comes from the fact that these platforms don’t have the capacity to support the improvements that WhatsApp plans to make in the future. The company also wants to focus on platforms that majority of people are using nowadays, such as iOS and Android.

With this in mind, it’s important to start thinking about buying an iPhone or an Android smartphone and choosing a make and model you want. This way, you can continue using WhatsApp even when they stop providing support for your Nokia Asha.