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WhatsApp developers released a Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile app update known as WhatsApp 2.16.52.

The latest update is more about cosmetics than anything. People who sign up to be a WhatsApp 2.16.52 beta tester are not going to be too shocked by the changes that were made. However, those who stay with the stable version will be pleased with the new look.

The update is giving WhatsApp a more unified look and feel, going more with the Windows 10 Mobile aesthetics. People who use the Windows 8.1 app version are going to enjoy the simple design Windows 10 Mobile users have already used for quite a bit of time.

People who’ve downloaded the update may see an improvement with the WhatsApp chat box, which includes:

  • The person’s profile picture can actually been seen in the screen’s top left corner with the call button still on the top right side

Softpedia noted it’s a welcome change for folks who accidentally hit the call button when trying to hit another button. With the call button in its own area, there’s no making a mistake of accidentally calling folks.

With the new update, the message send and attachment buttons are clearly visible in the chat box as well as the integrated file picker. With these changes, users can easily attach and send documents, videos, audio files and pictures to contacts. Windows 10 Mobile users have already been subjected to this but it’s a new thing for Windows 8.1 users to enjoy.

WhatsApp developers have also installed text formatting options in the latest update. For instance:

  • How To Bold A Test: Place an asterisk before and after text
  • How To Italicize a Text: Place an underscore before and after text
  • How to Strikethrough Text: Place a tilde ~ before and after a link of text

People who use Skype will already be familiar with these since the program also uses these characters to get the same formatting effects.

For people who used interested in getting the latest update for their Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone 8.1, can visit the Windows Store.

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