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While everyone is talking about the Android version, let’s not forget that there are millions of Windows Phone users who chat on WhatsApp with their friends from other platforms, and they deserve to receive updates for this application, as well. So, the developers have released version 2.16.74 with a few changes, but we’ll talk about them below.

WhatsApp 2.16.74 is a beta version that comes with a few improvements and according to, the changes are related to the chat info screen for both individual and group chats, which has been redesigned. The app bar is back, but it doesn’t have icons in conversations and the group chat information screen gives you access to media content that has been shared by other users who participate in the conversation. This means that in this place, you’ll see all photos and audio files.

The developers have included bug fixes and performance improvement, but because this is a beta version, it may have its own bugs, which you can report to WhatsApp. In order to download WhatsApp version 2.16.74, you must be part of the private beta program, so if you haven’t registered yet, now it’s the time to do it.

A previous update, 2.16.65, which was released a month ago, brought an important fix for a bug that prevented the application from launching correctly on specific devices, but at that time, the developers haven’t provided too many details.

As for the Android version, we must inform you that 2.16.131 beta has just been released, but we don’t have any information about it yet, except that it weighs in at 28.19 MB and that can be downloaded from the Google Play store, only if you are a Beta Tester. All beta updates that have been released lately brought bug fixes and performance improvements to the recently added.