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The latest beta update of WhatsApp for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play store. The application has been updated to the new version 2.16.129, which weighs 28.51 MB and comes with many internal improvements, as well as new emoji of the Olympic Games which will start on August 5 and will end on August 21.

WhatsApp 2.16.129 is 72 K smaller in size, it has 329 modified files and some of them are related to almost all files and functions, while the new file is named “e1611.png” and it’s related to the Olympics. There aren’t other important changes made to the application, as the developers have introduced many features in the past weeks. We remind you that now you can use the standalone application for you computer, but you still need to scan the QR code in order to login. Also, you can send bold, italic and strikethrough text inside the message, by putting the text or phrase between symbols such as “*”, “_” and “~”.

In order to download the latest beta version of WhatsApp from the Google Play store, first you need to become a beta tester, so login with your Gmail account, or create one, and click on “Become Tester” button to officially become a tester of the WhatsApp application. Whenever a new update of WhatsApp is released, you will receive it immediately, but we must warn you that beta updates may come with bugs and errors, which you can report to developers so they can fix them.

The video calling feature is still missing and it’s not known when it will be introduced, although a month ago, it was spotted in a few beta versions, but it was inactive. The video call button appeared alongside the audio call button, but the developers have removed it in version 2.16.81.