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PlayStation 4 was released in the fall of 2013, which means that soon, it will celebrate its third anniversary. Until now, Sony has updated its software many times and the latest update that the console has received was version 3.50, which came in April. Now, gamers can install version 3.55, which is now live on Sony’s servers.

A few hours ago, Sony has announced on the launch of System Software version 3.55 for the PlayStation 4, saying that this is a mandatory update that gamers must install in order to improve the quality of the system performance. The System Software can be updated by going to PS4’s Settings > System Software Update and clicking on Next, then on Update.

The team advises players who can’t use their PS 4 to download the update, to manually install it after downloading the file to their computer or USB storage, or to perform a fresh installation of the PS4 System Software, by following these steps:

– users will need a USB storage device with a minimum capacity of 900mb, in order to download the file to it;
– on the USB storage device, they will create a file named “PS4” and inside that folder will be created folder named “Update”;
– then, they will download the update file “PS4UPDATE.PUP” which can be found in the “Perform a new installation of the system software” tab from the system software update page, and this file will be saved in the “Update” folder;
– now, they will turn off the console and make sure that the power indicator is not orange, because this would mean that it’s in rest mode. Gamers will press and hold the power button for seven seconds, at least, until they will hear a beep;
– lastly, they will connect the USB storage device that contains the initialization file and will load the PS4 in Safe Mode. They will need to select option 7, initialize PS4 and follow the on screen prompts to reinstall the system software.

Those who won’t encounter problems when installing the 3.55 patch should know that the file has 300MB in size and it doesn’t take long to download.