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Pokemon fans already know the exact release date of Pokemon Sun and Moon, but this doesn’t stop them from looking for new bits of information about the upcoming games. After all, November 18 is still so far away, which means they have to wait for several more months before they can get their hands on these much-awaited games.


Fortunately, they don’t have to look far since news about Pokemon Sun and Moon keep on trickling in every day! The latest news about these games reveal that they would feature the advanced states of the legendary Pokemon Zygarde. Zygarde’s advanced states have already been shown in the anime as well as in side games, but it’s the first time that they will be shown in a proper Pokemon video game.

As revealed during the Taiwan National Pokemon Championships event, Pokemon Sun and Moon will reveal Zygarde’s 10% form, which makes him look like a black dog with yellow green markings and a yellow green scarf. His complete form, which will also be revealed in the games, will make him look like a huge robot, similar to a Gundam.

Nekkoala and Iwanko

Aside from Zygarde’s advanced forms, Pokemon Sun and Moon is expected reveal two new Pokemons. This information was leaked by a Japanese manga magazine CoroCoro, which released pictures of the new creatures called Nekkoala and Iwanko.

Nekkoala is a gray koala-like Pokemon that has the Definite Sleep ability, which makes it immune to all kinds of attacks except Sleep. Iwanko, meanwhile, looks like a brown puppy but is actually a Rock-type Pokemon that has Vital Spirit and Keen Eye abilities.

Pokemon GO to Have an Alchemical Background?

The leak by CoroCoro mentioned that Iwanko and the three starter Pokemon (Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio) share a mysterious secret. Fans have many theories as to what this secret could be, but one of the strongest theories is that these Pokemon — and the entire Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay — would be based on alchemy.

One of the people who believe this theory is YouTuber Eryizo, who pointed out in a video that the markings and body shapes of the starter Pokemon are similar to alchemical symbols. Specifically, Rowlet’s round body resembles the symbol for salt, while Litten’s eyes and forehead markings bear a resemblance to the symbol for sulfur.

The shape of Popplio’s head, ears, and body look like the symbol for mercury. Eryizo also noticed that Iwanko’s head, ears, and paws look like the symbol for lead, which is usually found in rocks and may be the reason why the puppy-like creature is classified as a Rock Pokemon.

Eryizo points out other alchemical symbols in Pokemon Sun and Moon, leading many people to believe that the mythos of the upcoming games will be based on alchemy.