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Minecraft is a sandbox video game that has been originally created by Markus “Notch” Persson and developed and published by Mojang. The Minecraft game allows players to build constructions out of texture cubes in a 3D world. In this game, you can also explore the map, gather resources, craft and even combat with the creatures that live inside it.

The game also comes with a few gameplay modes such as: creative mode, survival mode, adventure mode and we will explain them below:

– Creative mode: thanks to this mode, you will have unlimited resources that will allow you to build anything you imagined and even fly around;
– Survival mode: when you will use this mode, you will need to gather resources, maintain your health and build structures and weapons to protect yourself from creatures;
– Adventure mode: Using this mode, players will be able to play custom maps that they (or other players) have created.

Today we will talk about the changes that have been released for Minecraft: Xbox One and Minecraft: Xbox 360 in the latest patch. It is good to know that the patch has been released today (June 21, 2016) and it is also known as Content Update 25/Title Update 36:

– Battle Mini game has been added;
– The Skin Select Menu has been updated;
– A new option for Safe Sprint has been added in the Controls Menu;
– The Battle Map Pack 1 and Battle Map Pack Season Pass DLC have been enabled;
– Ravines and Caves have been added to Custom Superflat options;
– An issue that was allowing the players to use the Armor Stand when the Trust Players option is disabled has been fixed;
– An issue that was causing Slimes to not spawn in Slime Chinks has been fixed;
– An issue that was causing some items to not be moved from the Furnace to the main inventory via Quick Move has been fixed;
– An issue in the Superflat world generation menu with the stem Mushroom Block has been fixed;
– Distribute Items functionality via toggle button has been added which allows the players to stack a number of items and distribute them by dragging the stack across multiple slots in the inventory.