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Though rumors tell that it is coming for a long time now, The Sims 4 is expected by fans to be coming to consoles, finally. So, when will be seeing the Sims 4 on PS4 and Xbox One?


New reports suggest that the game could be coming to these consoles this autumn. However, it is also reported that developers are still trying to figure out how to port the game over to the said consoles, with some sources even suggesting that the game might not launch for consoles at all and that EA would announce The Sims 5 for these devices, instead.

Fans noticed that moving on to a new Sims game seemed sudden, with The Sims 4 only receiving two expansions. As all of us might already know, the new game has removed all gender boundaries when creating a character, regardless of gender.

Speculations on a Fall 2016 Release Date

Amidst the rumors and lack of announcement from EA, many fans are still hoping for an Xbox One and PS4 release date of The Sims 4. According to recent report, the company would release the game for such consoles at fall, but this is received as only a speculation, as it has not been verified by the company itself.

According to by GameNGuide, if Maxis and EA are seriously having trouble coming up with such a version, they would choose to break the trend and would see another version to tick of a lot of fans. This would simply mean that EA might not release the game at all for both consoles, and instead make The Sims 5 come in to play.

As for The Sims 5, reports and speculations say that it will appear in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year, though there is no confirmation yet from the Sims Studio and EA regarding this development. But with The Sims 4 being released for PC on 2014, a 2016 announcement about any development of the game is plausible among enthusiasts.


And as a significant portion of the fans would say, releasing The Sims 5 would be the best way to go than launching The Sims 4 for Xbox One and PS4. With a lot of tweaks on the gameplay and updated graphics, fans will be able to see a perfect life simulation game.

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