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In the past months was rumored that Apple will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack on the upcoming iPhone 7. This news upset many users who didn’t like the idea to get audio output via Lightning or Bluetooth, but Apple hasn’t confirmed this speculation, leaving room for interpretation. However, the latest leak comes from Rock Fix, a smartphone repair shop from Ganzhou, China, who posted photos of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 with a Lightning cable assembly that has a headphone jack.

Besides these leaks, the shop has also revealed photos of the iPhone 7 with dual-SIM trays, and if the images are legit, then users will be more than happy if they will be able to use two SIM cards on their phone. Rock Fix has shown other parts of the upcoming iPhone 7, such as SanDisk memory chips with a maximum capacity of 256GB, as well as a dual-lens camera, but on the phablet version.

The phone might benefit from some changes to the antenna design, but the shop has said that the horizontal bands won’t be removed from the back. Before, it was rumored that Apple will switch to Intel’s modem for the GSM models and the design change might have something to do with it.

The iPhone 7 will be released this September, but there are still many features that haven’t been revealed yet, and Apple knows how to motivate its employees to not give information about the production status of its devices under development. Some guy claimed that he heard someone from Foxconn saying that Apple will not bring a dual-lens camera because the technology isn’t ready yet, but another insider has contradicted him, saying that multiple suppliers have assured him that the tool is already available. Also, a so called Foxconn employee claims that Apple started mass production of its iPhone 7 last month and this means that the device will be released in September, as normal.