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Fans of the Grand Theft Auto game have been wondering when they’d see the sixth installment of the franchise. Well, it seems that they’d only have to wait for a couple of years more since the GTA 6 is said to be released in 2018.


This rumor stems from the fact that the last two titles in game had a gap of five years between them. GTA IV was rolled out in 2008, while GTA V was released in 2013. If this pattern is to be relied on, the next GTA installment will likely be released in 2018.

However, it’s important to note that this five-year pattern isn’t a tradition that game developer Rockstar and its parent company Take-Two Interactive follow. In fact, there was a gap of seven years between GTA IV and GTA III (which was released in 2001), although several sequels were released during this time, such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Launch with New Consoles

There are also rumors that GTA 6 will be released along with new consoles from Sony and Microsoft: the PlayStation 5 from the former and the Xbox Two from the latter. If this is true, it will definitely be a strategic marketing move by Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive since they can capitalize on the hype that will surround these new video game consoles and enjoy high sales for the sixth installment of Grand Theft Auto. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two are expected to be released on 2018 or 2020, which may also be the time when GTA 6 would be rolled out.

Gameplay and Location

Reports say that GTA 6 will feature a female protagonist, which is said to be voiced by Hollywood star Eva Mendes. A male character is also said to be voiced by Mendes’s real-life partner Ryan Gosling. This hasn’t been confirmed but, if it turns out to be true, GTA 6 may see a rise in sales from the fans of this popular Hollywood couple.


In terms of gameplay, the sixth GTA installment is expected to have supercars that can do exciting wheel spins, which seems to be what majority of GTA fans want as evidence by an independent poll. If Rockstar will listen to fans, it’s highly likely that this feature will be included in GTA 6.

The game’s location has also not been decided. There have been rumors that the game would be based in Liberty City, although there are also those who say that it would take place in Oklahoma City.

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