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All Internet users are addicted to Google’s search engine. Nobody knows everything, but there are websites that give us the information we are looking for and all we need to do is type in the word Google’s search box and you’ll get accurate results. But, if you’re sick and you don’t trust doctors, maybe Google will help you identify your illness. The new feature called “symptom search” will tell you if you have an allergic reaction, or an STD based on your entered words. This feature is currently available on the Google app for iOS and Android.

If you’ll type in words such as “headache”, Google will give you a general description of your problem, will tell you what to do to treat yourself or it will send you to a doctor, for consultation. The results will be displayed on a condition card, which was launched in February and they might contain illustrations. Since this feature is available on the application for Android and iOS devices, you will swipe on cards with search results and you’ll tap on drop-down menus, to have access to more information.

Google has specified that currently, 1 percent of searches are related to symptoms and the company is planning to improve the feature in order to offer users more accurate results. The developers have created a list of symptoms and they can be used to identify health conditions from the web results. Also, these results are compared with the medical information from doctors – experts from Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic.

In the near future, the symptom search feature will be expanded from the US and English-only to other counties and it will provide results in other native languages. Google is planning to bring the feature to the desktop browser as well. However, we strongly suggest you to not take results for granted and to still visit a doctor if you’re not feeling well.