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Before WhatsApp’s developers have released the standalone application for Windows PC, users had to open Edge, Chrome or Firefox browsers, to visit and to log into their WhatsApp accounts after scanning the QR code. The launch of a native WhatsApp application for desktop didn’t changed much, as it has a similar interface and limited functionality. Instead of seeing the same boring theme, WhatsApp users have an alternative, a third-party application named Whatsie, which has options for theming.

If you’ve been using WhatsWrapp, then you know that it’s an app wrapper for, which notifies you when you have new messages and chats, which integrates with Action Center and has Live tiles showing message and chat counts.

Whatsie is slightly different, as it brings something in addition: it lets you change the native theme, by offering seven options. So, you can add a simple white theme, or an orange or sepia one, while the dark theme is the best looking.

The application will launch on startup, it will be found in the notifications bar and will get automatic updates. Other features include spell checker and auto correct, keyboard shortcuts and native notifications with reply on OS X, but it also offers a mini mode. You can download it from for your device running on OS X 10.8 and later, Windows 7 and later, as well on Linux DEB 32-bit, DEB 64-bit, RPM 32-bit and RPM 64-bit.

However, if you are using the original application on your Android smartphone, we must inform you that WhatsApp 2.16.129 beta has just been released and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The installation file weighs 28.51 MB, but it doesn’t bring any changes, as the developers have focused only on bug fixes and performance improvements. iOS users have received version 2.16.71, which is also in beta and it supports the autoplay feature for GIF images.