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The widely used messaging app, WhatsApp has been released for Web in January and recently we’ve also seen the launch of the app’s desktop version for OS X and Windows. So far the desktop app enables user to send videos, pictures and, of course, messages directly from their PC

Another similarly popular smartphone messaging app is Viber and much like WhatsApp, a PC app was also launched recently at the request of the public. Here is a comparison between the two desktop messaging apps.

Viber desktop app

If you want to try this app on your PC you’ll have to download it from the official site an install it. It enables users to send messages and make video calls and it also allows for call transfers from different devices. This last part is actually something amazing, given that WhatsApp for desktop doesn’t have this particular feature. Apart from this, it runs independently on a PC.

WhatsApp desktop app

The WhatsApp deskop version is very similar to the web version and will also sync with your smartphone when you log on. In order to sync, you’ll have to scan the QR code shown on the screen when you first go to the WhatsApp website. The desktop version mirrors the conversations you have on WhatsApp on the phone in the same way the Web version does it. Of course, if you want the PC to sync with your smartphone you will have to have both devices connected to the internet.


Both desktop messaging apps are good but Viber has more interesting features when compared to WhatsApp. For example, apart from the call transfers to different devices, Viber also features something else that the WhatsApp desktop app doesn’t have which is: video calling. But maybe WhatsApp developers are working on implementing this particular feature as we speak.