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A WhatsApp Web version had been released in January 2015, and many saw it as interesting because of the platform. After all, rumors had been hitting the Internet that there would be a Mac and Windows desktop version, which would mean the messaging system would be used all on communication platforms.

With the WhatsApp Web release, it marks the app’s debut on non-mobile platforms. Since its introduction, there has been a multitude of updates released, ensuring it became a widely accepted Web messaging system.

In March, a document-sharing feature has been offered for the mobile version. Today, this feature can now be found on the WhatsApp Web version. Before the update, people who used WhatsApp Web could only share the files saved into the system. Now, they have the ability to attach files as well as the feature for video and photo sharing.

A number of users have tested the feature in both Mobile and Web WhatsApp versions, and have noted that it works great. They could effectively send files from WhatsApp for iOS and Android to the WhatsApp Web and vice versa.

Special Note: Documents can’t be sent from WhatsApp Web to people who have yet to update the mobile app with the latest version.

The latest updates has led to questions about the features. The problem is that WhatsApp has yet to update their FAQ asked page on its website. The information only pertains to the video and photo sharing option.

Another thing is that the WhatsApp Web also had a QR code reading system that can be accessed through the Settings Menu.