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In the past few years, both companies have progressed quite a lot from their standard looks of their smartphones. Apple chose to increase the size of the phones with every new generation, while Samsung created an extra Edge phone for each version in the Galaxy S edition. With all the recent launches on the market, there is one question that seems to make people think a lot before making a decision: which one is better, the S7 Edge or the iPhone 6S Plus?

The iPhone is definitely taller and wider than the S7, with the dimensions of 158.2×77.9×7.3 mm, as compared to the S7’s size of 149x72x7.62 mm. The iPhone is also heavier than the Samsung smartphone, weighing 6.77 ounces, as opposed to the 5.44 ounces of the S7 Edge.

The displays of the two devices are equal in size, though Samsung offered more and added a Quad HD Super AMOLED. Meanwhile, Apple only offers an LCD screen. The resolutions are good in both cases, 1080×1920 pixels in the case of the iPhone, which means a 401 ppi, while Samsung brings a 1440×2560 pixels resolution (534 ppi).

Of course, each of the phones runs the latest version of their software, namely the iOS 9 and the Android 6.0 Marshmallow. While the iPhone offers various options for the internal storage, starting from 16 GB and ending with 128 GB, Samsung is quite limited in this sense, offering only 32 or 64 GB. However, with Samsung you get an SD card slot which helps increase the space.

iPhone offers a 64-bit A9 processor, helped by a M9 Motion secondary one, while Samsung chose a Snapdragon 820 for the US version and an Exynos 8890 for the international one.