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Motorola Moto Z, a product of the company owned today by Lenovo,  is perhaps one of the best smartphones available on the market. It is a modular phone, pretty much like the LG G5, and it has an elegant and simple design. Being modular means that you can use optional plates you have by snapping them on the back through the magnets for a new look or functionality. However, let’s see how good the phone is compared to the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Regarding the size, Moto Z seems to be just a little bit wider and taller. However, the main point here is the fact that Moto Z is extremely thin, with only 5.2 mm width. Meanwhile, the S7 edge is almost three times thicker, so if this is a relevant information for your decision, you might want to go for the Motorola device.

Another important difference between the two devices is the fact that the S7 Edge is not modular. Though there are some people who don’t prefer this type of phones, it is an interesting feature that challenges your creativity. When it comes to weight, the S7 is definitely heavier, with 157 g, as compared to the Moto Z, which has only 136 g. However, it is this light if you don’t add any other mods on its back.

Some prefer the aluminum stainless steel of which the Moto Z is made, but others claim that the glass and aluminum combination of the Galaxy S7 is better. You can choose between rose gold, gold, gray and white for the Z phone, but only between gold, black and silver when it comes to the Galaxy device. Last but not least, you have to know that the displays have the same size on both phones, 5.5 inches.