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Rumors have been circulating for some time that a jailbreaking tool for 9.3.2 was going to be available soon, with some folks saying it would be released before the annual WWDC event in June.

According to tech experts, an iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak tool is far more likely than one for an iOS 9.3 or iOS 9.3.1, simply for the fact that both of these versions are not stable and are loaded with bugs. What could happen if hacking teams did release the jailbreak tools for the softwares?

  • The tools could cause their devices – iPods, iPads and iPhones to crash and freeze.
  • It could also expose owners’ device to a host of security threats, making their devices and information more vulnerable to dishonest hackers.
  • It may also cause the devices to brick, which renders them useless altogether.

It’s for these reasons, tech experts feel the jailbreaking teams are putting their efforts into the iOS 9.3.2 jailbreaking tool. iOS 9.3.2 is far more stable and has little security issues.

Remember, tech experts feels an iOS 9.3.2. jailbreaking tool will be available before Apple’s WWDC event. And, the chances for this are high since it’s anticipated Apple will release the iOS 10 before the event. Once this happens, most Apple device owners will want to upgrade to enjoy the new iOS 10 features. And, when this happens, there may be a limited number of folks for the iOS 9.3.2, which deems a jailbreaking tool for it impractical.

Keep in mind that the iOS 9.3.2 is in the fourth beta stage and final versions may be available within the next month.

For people who’d like to jailbreak their devices need to keep a watchful eye on TaiG and Pangu, two popular jailbreaking teams, for when iOS 9.3.2 is made public. User can add the Cydia website to the home screen to get a notification when a jailbreaking tool has been made available.